Casserole R E C I P E S
from the
Chocolate Cake

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100 Good Cookies  (Submitted by Hilda Wiederhold)

Cheese Dip "Lola's"  (Submitted by Lola Halbert)

Chile con Queso Dip (Casa Ole)  (Submitted by Jeanette Kingsley)

Chili Cheese Frito Corn Salad  (Submitted by Jeanette Kingsley)

Chili Tortilla Bake  (Magdalene Knuppel)

Cowboy Soup  (Submitted by Betty McGhee)

Dee's Chicken Spaghetti  (Submitted by Dee McGallion)

Easy Chewy Pecan Squares  (Submitted by Peggy Henry)

Forgotten Cookies  (Submitted by Sylvia Margan)

Frozen Banana Salad  (Submitted by Peggy Henry)

Fruit Burritos  (Submitted by Linda Layton)

Fun Jello Layers  (Submitted by Mildred Rickett)

German Chocolate Chess Squares  (Submitted by Meldred Rickett)

Glorified Brownies  (Submitted by Mary Lou Thomas)

Green Pepper Jelly  (Submitted by Brownie Brown)

Juanita's Red Salsa  (Submitted by Jeanette Kingsley)

Melting Chocolate Cake  (Submitted by Jeanette Kingsley)

Mixed Vegetable Salad  (From November 1997 Newsletter)

Nutty Cracker Delights  (Submitted by Linda Layton)

Nutty Sweet Potatoes  (Submitted by Robbie Ladd)

Oatmeal Krispies  (Submitted by Mildred Rickett)

One Bowl Brownies  (Submitted by Louise Hunt)

Orange Julius  (Submitted by Lois Jolibois)

Pasta Fagioli Soup  (Submitted by Jeanette Kingsley)

Pasta Primavera  (Submitted by Frieda Radcliff)

Pumpkin Crunch Cake  (Submitted by Shirley Barnes)

Quaker Oat Squares Crunch  (Submitted by Peggy Henry)

Quick and Easy Coffee Cake  (Submitted by Mildred Rickett)

Red Pepper Crackers  (Submitted by Sharon Bradley)

Sausage Crescents  (Submitted by Mildred Rickett)

Shirley's Cake  (Submitted by Shirley Barnes)

Shrimp Dip  (Submitted by Sophia Gresham)

Stuffed Jalapenos  (Submitted by Mildred Rickett)

Sweet Potato Pie  (Submitted by Robbie Ladd)

Sweet Trash  (Submitted by Mildred Ashworth)

White Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Submitted by Peggy Henry)

Yellow Squash Casserole  (Submitted by Freida Radcliff)

For Your Pet:
Mackerel and Tuna Dog Treats  (Submitted by Bill Kingsley)

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