Rovin' Texans Chapter of Good Sams International was chartered on September 22, 1979.  Assistant State Director John H. Arnold led the organizational meeting.  The first meeting, held at Manvel Recreation Room, had five couples in attendance.  They were:  Ralph and Doris Clark, Gib and Peggy Day, Chuck and Nell Holcomb, Harry and Barbara Robbins and Donald and Mary Lou Johnson.
     The group voted to consider anyone who became members before the October campout as "Charter members."  There were fourteen couples signed up.  Besides the couples named above the list included:  Clyde and Rose Miller, Edward and Lillian Wilson, William and Edith Fiala, Bobby and Rae Eades, R.T. and Deane Haydock, Eugene and Jeanne Moyers, Eugene and Shirley Williams, J.C. and Thelma Steiger and Lawrence W. Troyer.
     Officers were elected to serve out the remainder of that year.  They were:
          President:  Ralph Clark
          Vice President:  Peggy Day
          Secretary - Treasurer:  Mary Lou Johnson
          Wagonmaster:  Chuck Holcomb
Chapter Certificate Thumbnail
     A second meeting was held at the Holcomb's home on October 4, 1979 with John Arnold again attending to help with the organizing.  A chapter name was chosen.  "Almost Heaven" campground was chosen as the site of the first campout meeting for November.
On October 26-27, 1979, Rovin' Texans attended the "Gulf Coast Samboree" at Coushatte Recreation Ranch.  Coushatte 1979
Original Patch Design
Orginial Design
A meeting was held on December 11, 1979 at San Jacinto College.  It was voted that the jackets would be beige or tan and the emblem was presented and accepted.
30 Year Award
At the 2009 Spring Samboree, the Rovin' Texans were awarded an anniversary certificate for 30 years of participation.

35 Year Anniversary Certificate
At the 2014 Spring Samboree, the Rovin' Texans were awarded an anniversary certificate for 35 years of participation.
35 Year Patch

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